Offers Skilled NanoDegree in BioMedicine Artificial Intelligence (BMAI)

BioMedicine Artificial Intelligence (BMAI) is rapidly changing the way we live, work and learn. If you are looking to pursue a career in this booming field, this programme will give you the skills you need in the five key areas: Bioinformatics, Essential Biology, Mathematical Biology, Next Generation Genomics, Artificial Intelligence, Present and Future.

Artificial intelligence becomes a game changer of our life. The aim of this program is to provide the foundations and the most advanced techniques in the field towards becoming a technical leader of this transformation.

Our program is unique in terms of curriculum since it encircles the field both with model/symbolic-driven and data-driven artificial intelligence methods as well as their applications to critical domains.

This unique end-to-end from theory to practice program entirely offered in English with outstanding quality of classes and instructors offers you a unique opportunity of excellence in terms of curriculum towards becoming an artificial intelligence architect and amazing career perspectives in the hottest discipline of this century.

Admission And Selection

Applications would be screened based on eligibility criteria. Eligible applicants would then go through a selection process, which includes a written test and an interview

Number of Seats: 20

Course Fees

For Indian and South Asian Nationals

Tuition Fee: The complete tuition fee for the students admitted in academic year  is INR 65,500 per student .

For International Candidates

Tuition Fee: The complete tuition fee for the students admitted in academic year is USD 1150 per student.


General Category/Foreign/NRI Category: Candidates will be selected on merit basis and interview. There is no entrance test.

Note: Candidates can apply either under General Category or Foreign/NRI Category. Those submitting applications under both General and Foreign/NRI categories will be considered only under the General Category. Change of category at a later stage will not be entertained under any circumstances.

Duration: 06 months – boost your career with introductory, excellence and domain-specific BMAI courses

The Skilled Nano Degree Program will have 50 Credits


 Biological sequence analysis and alignment

10 Credits

Bioinformatics resources and databases

Functional genomics

Next generation sequencing technologies

Machine learning algorithms for sequence analysis

Computational assembly of genomic sequences

Advanced functional genomics, expression analysis

Proteomics and network analysis

Essential Biology


05 Credits


Chromosomes and Cells

Molecular structures

Mathematical Biology

Continuous models for a single species

10 credits

Discrete population models for a single species

Models for interacting populations

Reaction-diffusion equations, chemotaxis and non-local mechanisms

Biological waves

Next Generation Genomics

 Introduction to second and third generation sequencing technologies, including single-molecule sequencing

10 credits

Investigating genome variability, gene expression, gene regulation and genome structure by mapping sequences to a reference genome

Identifying genetic variants from sequence data aligned to a reference genome

Assembling genome, metagenome and transcriptome sequences de novo from next-generation sequencing data

Artificial Intelligence, Present and Future

Reasoning agents

15 credits

Logic and inference via Logic Programming

Linked data, semantic net and internet search

Monte Carlo Tree Search

Planning under uncertainty

Adversarial search, game playing

Probabilistic inference

Inductive Logic Programming

Natural language processing, approaches to machine translation

Approaches to machine learning

AI prospects and dangers

Ethical and Philosophical issues.

What you’ll study

This Skilled Nano Degree allows you to focus your studies and combine different AI topics to suit your personal requirements and future plans. Our world-class teaching, research and industrial contacts will support you as you understand fundamental AI concepts. You will study universal machine learning tools essential for any AI job profile, and specific practical and research skills on all five of the AI topics.

You will gain experience with cutting-edge tools such as Deep Neural Networks (DNN), Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN), and Deep Reinforcement Learning (Deep RL) via regular exercises and practical labs. You will work closely with your lecturers and supervisors to carry out a major project on the AI topic that you want to specialize in.


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