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Human Genetic and Hereditary disorders

Genetic Disorders Risk Factors In Pregnant Mother

November 18, 2020Category : Human Genetic and Hereditary disorders

Factors that increase your risk of having a baby with a genetic disorder include: ✔️Family history of a genetic disorder ✔️Prior child with a genetic disorder ✔️One parent has a chromosomal abnormality ✔️Advanced maternal age (35 or older) ✔️Advanced paternal age (40 or older) ✔️Multiple miscarriages or prior stillbirth It is important to know that..

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Basic Pharmacology And Physiology Of Endocrine System Disorders

August 4, 2020Category : Human Genetic and Hereditary disorders

The endocrine system consists of a group of glands and organs that regulate and control various body functions by producing and secreting hormones. Hormones are chemical substances that affect the activity of another part of the body. In essence, hormones serve as messengers, controlling and coordinating activities throughout the body. Endocrine disorders involve either: ✔️Too much hormone..

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Phase III Clinical Trials: Is It Better Than What’s Already Available?

August 2, 2020Category : Human Genetic and Hereditary disorders

The phase 2 to 3 transition has increasingly become a critical step in clinical drug development. This is the time in the life of a project when it will be evaluated with the most critical eye before embarking on an expensive, resource-consuming, and risky pivotal phase 3 program. Phase III of a clinical trial usually involves up..

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Basic Pharmacology And Physiology Of Immune System Disorders

July 21, 2020Category : Human Genetic and Hereditary disorders

The immune system is complex and pervasive. There are numerous cell types that either circulate throughout the body or reside in a particular tissue. Each cell type plays a unique role, with different ways of recognizing problems, communicating with other cells, and performing their functions. By understanding all the details behind this network, researchers may optimize..

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Basic Pharmacology And Physiology Of Male Reproductive Disorders

July 13, 2020Category : Human Genetic and Hereditary disorders

There is growing concern about the considerable decline in semen quality and the increase of male reproductive disorders such as testicular cancer, hypospadias and cryptorchidism over the past decades. Male Reproductive Disorder is a multifactorial pathological condition affecting approximately 7% of the male population. Considering that ∼10% of the human genome is involved in reproduction, it stands..

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Basic Pharmacology And Physiology Of Female Reproductive Disorders

June 11, 2020Category : Human Genetic and Hereditary disorders

The female reproductive system refers to all the female organs that enable a woman to conceive, nurture and deliver a baby. The activity of the female reproductive system is controlled by hormones released by both the brain and the ovaries that cause the development and release of eggs. The incidence of ovarian, uterine and cervical cancer as of 2020..

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Is Telemedicine The Upcoming Sector Of The Healthcare Industry

May 7, 2020Category : Human Genetic and Hereditary disorders

Telemedicine holds significant promise to provide qualified medical care without the time and hassle of commuting to and from appointments. It can bring medical care into the home to meet some primary and urgent care needs. It also provides access to care to patients without reliable transportation or those who may be too sick to travel..

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Prime Responsibilities Of A Biostatisticians While Conducting Clinical Trials

February 29, 2020Category : Human Genetic and Hereditary disorders

Biostatistics in clinical research is important to collect, analyze, present, and interpret data. It finds applications in various fields such as epidemiology, clinical trials, population genetics, systems biology, and more. In clinical research, it helps in making decisions regarding the efficacy and safety of a drug, line of treatment, or therapy. Biostatistics also prevents fraud or..

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Classifying SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies to Identify Immunity

February 26, 2020Category : Human Genetic and Hereditary disorders

SARS-CoV-2 infection occurs when the virus enters the nose and throat of a person to inject enough genetic material for particle replication. As the amount of SARS-CoV-2 increases, (i.e., viral load) it spreads to surrounding tissue and potentially further into the body infecting other organs, such as the lungs, blood vessels, brain and heart. The development..

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