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Careers in food capture the imagination and unleash the creative juices of many, if not all of us. There are almost endless possibilities and varieties when it comes to food; you name it – Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Greek, and of course, American. And that’s just the cuisine we are talking about. How about chocolates, cakes, pastries, and fine wine? If you’re a foodie, you may want to take your passion to the next level and consider having a job in the food industry. Despite the fact that food processing industry in India is at developing stage, it offers exponential career opportunities to trained professionals in food processing as there are nearly 890 million middle- and upper-class consumers and food processing companies do not want to miss the opportunity. Moreover, the Ministry of Food Processing Industries has ambitious plan to set up more than 500 food parks across India in every parliamentary constituency so that a real food revolution can be brought about and employment can be generated.

With aptitude to work and requisite skills one can find employment in companies, food research laboratories, catering companies, food wholesalers, hospitals, restaurants etc. Higher education and special qualification help in getting attractive position within the food processing sector.

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Dissimilar Roles, Diverse Names

Like any industry, food industry too offers varied range of roles and positions to professionals.

Research Scientists: Research scientists work towards enhancing yield, flavour, nutritive value, etc. of packaged food so that they have greater acceptance among consumers.

Food technologists: The fundamental work of food technologist is to offer techniques for preservation, conservation and processing of food items to be packaged. Additionally, they check the compliance of procedure during the food processing and ensure that there is no contamination and adulteration. Ensuring top quality nutritional value in the food products by putting quality raw materials is an additional job for a food technologist.

Engineers: The food processing industry is so broad that it employs the services of various engineers for planning, designing, improving and maintaining the entire processing system of a unit.

Organic Chemists: Qualified professionals in organic chemistry working in food processing industry ensure that there is proper method to convert raw materials to processed food.

Biochemists: Looking after the flavour, texture, storage, quality of packaged food products, biochemists ensure that there is nothing the consumers have to complain about.

Analytical Chemists: Working as quality analyst and checker, analytical chemists ensure prime quality packaging of foods and beverages.

Home Economists: Ensuring congruency of the instructions on the containers and the food products contained in it is the job of home economists.

Managers and accountants: Besides technical professionals, non-technical jobs such as managers and accountants work towards the management of the processing unit and in the supervision of the production process.

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Responsibilities of Food Technologist:

  • To research and mitigate the problems associated with maintaining quality and safety of the product that might be encountered during subsequent processing, warehousing, and distribution and throughout the anticipated shelf life of the product. 
  • Working with the team on new product development that meets the Project Brief, including recipe development, objectives, scope, timings, shelf life, nutritional makeup and packaging format
  • Assist with ingredient sourcing and approvals
  • Review existing formulations with the objective to meet standards and improve quality.
  • Document, respond and resolve suggestions/complaints/feedback related to product formulation from internal and external channels.
  • Review existing formulations and Ensure each product meets various global standards such as  MUI, JAKIM and SINGAPORE.
  • Working with the team on product certification that meets the Project Brief, including recipe development, objectives, scope, timings, nutritional makeup and packaging format.
  • Maintaining and creating all product specification documents.
  • Product and ingredient QA and ongoing review of existing products.
  • Manage organic documentation, such as new organic product submissions, annual organic certification audit.
  • Maintain and establish accurate product information i.e. FSANZ compliant, health claims, NIP
  • Provide various departments with information regarding product changes and additions.
  • Assist in resolution of any non-conformance relating to either internal or third party audits.
  • Developing quality control procedures and safety standards for the manufacture of food products.
  • Providing food science support for corrective actions.
  • Having excellent knowledge of the food processing flow charts, Food Safety Standards and HACCP plan and assisting where needed.

Skills and knowledge

  • Strong in experimentation of food related products, including but not limited to knowledge of preservation, shelf stability and food manufacturing processes and willingness to learn alternative methodologies
  • Ability to plan and self-organise, ensuring work is completed on time and efficiently
  • Attention to detail, high focus on quality is essential
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly motivated
  • Personal values in line with company values
  • Proficient in basic Excel, Word and Outlook

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