BBMInstitute is a comprehensive global research Institute with a unique model of experiential learning that combines academic rigor with one of the nation’s premier cooperative education programs.

BBMInstitute has built its global reputation on core achievements that include:

  • Leadership in experiential learning through BBMInstitute Co-op.
  • A history of academic technology firsts.
  • Recognition as a model of best practices in translational, use-inspired research.

10 Reasons Why BBMInstitute is the Best Choice for You

  • BBMInstitute is all about convenience – We provide a learning schedule that suits you. BBMInstitute allows you to study at home or at work and achieve success in getting the job you want, the promotion you seek or the business that you aspire to establish without leaving your front door!
  • Study at your own pace – No schedules to try to fit into your lifestyle – you choose when you want to study and submit assignments. You may take your time in completing your course or you may decide to dedicate enough time to complete your course in record time. You will not be locked into a timetabled situation as with classroom study.
  • Have the support of qualified tutors – You will get your own personal tutor to give you expert advice, assess your work and answer your questions.
  • All learning materials are included – Everything you need to complete your course is included at no extra cost. There is no need to purchase expensive textbooks and materials.
  • Study and succeed at a price you can afford – Courses are competitively priced. And with the choice of an upfront payment option (10% discount), you can afford the course you want. We have NO hidden costs either – your course fee covers all your learning materials, delivered straight to you. Plus, your course may be tax deductible if it is related to your current line of work.
  • 98% Happy with tutorial support – BBMInstitute students usually report a very high rate of satisfaction with tutorial support staff (BBMInstitute Student Graduate Survey, 2016).
  • Credibility – BBMInstitute is a member of and recognized by a number of industry organizations. BBMInstitute courses have been developed in consultation with various key industry representatives.
  • Employment assistance – Upon completion of your course we provide graduates with employment assistance. This facilitates support in the way of resume assistance, job searches, interview preparation and career counselling and advice.
  • Learn valuable career skills – Learn technical skills that you can apply directly in your future job.
  • It simply works! – See what our previous students have said about BBMInstitute in our reviews and testimonials page.
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